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教务长's Office

Do you have a question about our academic programs?

Do you have a class-related concern or issue to be addressed?

Do you have a creative idea about new academic programs or services we could provide?

Do you have something exciting to report about McKendree's academic programs, courses, faculty, or students?

If so, please contact the 教务长's Office. We welcome your phone calls, emails, and visits!


Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (or by appointment)

Wildy Hall, 3rd Floor


Mission Statement

The mission of the 教务长's Office is to provide academic leadership and service to McKendree University. We coordinate the hiring, training, and evaluation of faculty and the development and delivery of academic programs in all formats and locations. In short, we provide the support and resources that our faculty need to deliver the high-quality educational experience for which McKendree University is known.



Photo of 塔米EgglestonDr. 塔米Eggleston

(618) 537-6926



Photo of 艾伦AlewineDr. 艾伦Alewine

Associate 教务长
(618) 537-6524



Photo of 梅丽莎·米克Dr. 梅丽莎·米克

Dean of Worldwide Programs
) 537-6834



博士照片. 人两两Dr. 人两两

(618) 537-6882



博士照片. 妮科尔德沃Dr. 妮科尔德沃

(618) 537-6495



博士照片. 萨拉·弗兰克Dr. 萨拉·弗兰克

(618) 537-6889



博士照片. 丰富的墨菲Dr. 理查德·墨菲

(618) 537-6888



博士照片. Michele SchutzenhoferDr. Michele Schutzenhofer

(618) 537-6934



Photo of Terresa郭金Terresa郭金

(618) 537-6812