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奖学金 and financial aid opportunities available.  适用于今天!

Applicants are considered on an individual basis without regard to sex, race, disability, nationality or religion.




Undergraduate Programs

For students attending college for the first-time or students who have previously attended a post-secondary institution.

Campus locations include Lebanon (Illinois), 在线, and/or Center at Scott Air Force Base (Illinois).

Undergraduate Application (不收费)

The Common Application (available to first-year students applying to the Lebanon campus)



研究生 Programs

For students with a bachelor's degree or equivalent and wish to
take courses at the post-baccalaureate level.

Campuses include Lebanon (Illinois), 在线, and/or various cohort locations.

研究生 Application (不收费)



Doctoral Programs

For students seeking to enroll in the Specialist in Education, Doctor of Education, or Doctor of Nursing Practice programs

These programs are offered online.

Doctoral Application (不收费)




Glad to see 你’re ready to make it McKendree!

We already know a little bit about 你. Just by choosing to become a Bearcat, we already know 你 want more than just a piece of paper. You want an experience. You want academic 卓越. You want more responsibility. You want engagement in the world around 你. And 你 want to keep learning 你r entire life. You’re someone who is going places.

Deep down 你 already are a Bearcat; 你 just haven’t started yet. Take the first step and apply now. We want to be a part of 你r journey.